• Allan Jakobi
    accordion, keyboards

    Colleague Ants Nuut has said: “To every collective has to belong at least one talented person. We have Allan. Altough the hairs are getting grey, still a young talent.”    

  • Ants Nuut
    trombone, vocals

    Ants Nuut is one of two active founding members. He has jocked about taking him onboard Apelsin – “it happaned to give pretty Tõnu Aare a chance to look even more handsome on the stage". Adds, that bobody has told him to leave also.

  • Argo Toomel

    Everyone likes Argo. First of the Apelsin bass players, willing to tote also the double bass...the stage looks even more awesome now.

  • Marek Lillemägi

    Marek - not just a drum player but a the tip-top musician in every aspect. So far hasn't srewed up anything.  And it seems that He is not going to.

  • Tõnu Aare
    vocal, acoustic- and electric guitar, harmonica, buzouki

    The facts talk more clearly than any words: In addiction to finding the name to the Apelsin band - Tõnu Aare has written hours and hours good music.

    He had to become a shoemaker-master but become music creation-master.

  • Toomas Viidas
    bus driver

    Toomas is not just a driver, but one good man instead the big crew. Man 'all in one' - a bus driver, bodyguard, roadie, technician, cook, and teacher. His new bus has also reverse gear.